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One hour to clear, recharge and refocus your physical and mental energies with an experienced Chi Practitioner.

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These group sessions are joined via online web conferencing or telephone.

These are the original Chi Classes which aim to re-align our energy antenna to tune to brighter and more peaceful energy levels, to open up and clear blocked energy channels and to recharge energy levels both physically and mentally. We start the session with chanting to reconnect to bright energy. Then we learn Chi movements to move energy around and within our body. These movements can be modified according to an individual’s capabilities as needed. Finally we finish with a calming and clearing meditation.

Each class is split into 3 sections:

1) Melodic Chanting

2) Movements / Breathing Techniques

3) Meditation


You can also sign up for our Online Resources pack which gives access to supporting videos and articles here [link to be added].


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